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We have been refurbishing, converting and manufacturing cylinder heads for many years now and we are confident that we can meet any requirement you may have regarding the T-Type cylinder head.


  Refurbishment & Lead Free Conversions £385




   •We carry out all work in-house using our state of the art Serdi
     (www.SERDI.COM) cylinder head machine.


   •This unique method uses a solid carbide straight shank pilot. When
     inserted into the valve guide, it simulates the real valve stem during
     the centring process. This guarantees that the valve seat is finished
     within the closest tolerance for a perfect valve to seat match.


Refurbishment includes

 •Hardened Valve Seats for Lead-Free Conversions.

 •Bronze Valve Guides.

 •Improved Valve Stem Seals.

 •Choice of Larger Valves (made from 21/4N) to suit your requirements.

 •The Head is skimmed and Inlet and Exhaust ports are machine for better breathing.

 •Damaged threads are repaied as required

   Cylinder Heads can be machined to your required Compression Ratio.





This picture shows a Valve Spring being tested to ensure the correct seat pressure is maintained
•Valve Springs tested in-house using our RIMAC Spring Tester to ensure correct valve seat spring pressure.


   •For Racing Spring Sets spring spacers are machined to length to match the spring characteristics.

   •Head is cleaned and shot blasted to test for cracks.

  •Broken studs are removed and any threads are repaired as necessary.




Aluminium Cylinder Heads

We are the true manufacturers of the Laystall Lucas Aluminium cylinder head.

Prices start from £1250



ali heads

   •Cylinder Heads can be supplied in any state ranging from a Bare
     Casting, to a Fully Machined racing set up complete with larger
     valves, polished, ported and machined to your required compression