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Checking  -  Straightening  -  Crack Checking

We can check and straighten TA-TC front axles. We can replace your worn King-Pins and Bushes
Sometimes the free play in the King-Pin is not due to bush or king-pin wear but actually in the axle eye itself. If this is the case we can close and ream or sleeve worn the front axle eyes.
Many of the poor handling faults are due to misalignments in axle/steering geometry.
This is either due to incorrect assembly or a worn and bent front axle -
Camber and Caster angles can be corrected or adjusted for racing use.












Stub axles can be checked for the typical types of cracks shown below




      A typical crack starting to form near the root of the Stub Axle.

A fault not uncommon on the TA,TB,TC Stub Axle.








A view of the Stub Axle from the other side of the sme car.

The fracture line is clearly visible.   

The car had a Tapered Wheel Bearing conversion with no distace tube fitted.