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All Gearboxes rebuilt for models TA through to TF & Y Type



We have been rebuilding and producing parts for MG T-Type Gearboxes for over 25 years for major trade restorers, suppliers and private individuals worldwide.




Above you can see Before and After pictures of a typical MG TA Gearbox Total Rebuild that we completed last month

You are likely to find our rebuilt gearboxes fitted to Road and Race cars alike including Specials from the MG, Lester and Lotus marques.




•We entirely strip the gearbox and clean all parts to check for wear and damage. We
  inspect and measure the rollers and replace as necessary.


 •We assemble the lay-cluster ensuring the correct end float is maintained
   by machining new thrust washers to suit.
 •For TD/TF we ensure the main shaft end float is maintained by using the
   correct centre square shouldered bearing and shims.


 •Selector forks are built up and reground to match the sliding hubS.


 •Selector shafts and straightened for ease of operation of the gearbox.


 •Worn Gearbox Remotes are machined, re-bushed shafts replaced
   with new.


 •Badly worn aluminium gearlever cups can be TIG welded and
   re-machined in-house.

 •Broken TD/TF rear casing clevis pin holes can be welded and re-machined.


 •Worn Bell Housings re-bushed and shafts replaced L/H or R/H drive.


 •Bell-Housings converted from TD/TF or Y-Type to suit TC gearbox.


We also manufacture T-Type gearbox parts including –



•Bell Housing Cross Shafts

•Remote Shafts

•Modified TC Laycluster Thrust Washers

•Oversize Thrust Washers (to correctly set Laycluster end float)

•TC Rear Mounting Strengthening Plates

•Modified Roller Bearings