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XPAG & T Type Racing Specialists

TA, TB, TC, TD, TF, Q T-Type Specials and Lester MG's

We have been Rebuilding Cars & Manufacturing Parts for the T-Type series MG & XPAG Powered Specials for over 25 years


  • Parts Supply and Manufacture

We are the manufactures & suppliers of the

Laystall Lucas Aluminium Cylinder Head



We can also supply steel crankshafts, camshafts, flywheels etc from stock.





Our latest development is the reliable1500+cc engine using your original 1250cc Cylinder Block - Please contact us for further details.

From £3850



We can convert any MG Cylinder Head for use on unleaded fuel

From £385



We can rebuild gearboxes for the T Type series & Y series MG's







We can rebuild and convert differential ratios for the T type series MG

We also supply and fit Limited Slip Differentials





We can rebuild steering boxes for TA, TB, TC using new worm gear and shaft if required.



We work towards quality not a price.


If you can't see it here it does not mean that it is not a service we provide please contact us with your requirements



Our Manufacturing Capabilities

•We manufacture many parts in-house ensuring production quality is


•Our machining & fabrication capabilities include Milling, Turning,

Grinding, Engraving, TIG, MIG & Gas Welding



1938 MG Q-T Type                                                      1955 Lester MG